It Only Works If You Do

There are so many different diet plans, training programs, fitness groups, self-help books and programs, business and marketing plans, and any other kind of program or group that claims to be the “best.”

So many of us struggle and change from one thing to another.  We wonder why we aren’t getting what we want.  We move from one program or group to the next, with little to no real commitment.  We seek instant gratification.

We want less work, and more reward.  Less time, more results.  Less pain, more gain.

The quick fix.

The problem with so many of the diet pills, training programs, self-help groups, etc, is that most, if not all of them, are temporary, short-term fixes.  They address the superficial issues at hand, hence why they are a quick fix.  We are able to experience that instant gratification.  And, because of that, we find ourselves looking for the next quick fix over and over again to relive that instant gratification, because, let’s be honest, anything with instant gratification is too good to be true, and doesn’t last very long.

Anything worth doing, with real long-term results, is really hard and takes a lot of time.

Life only works if you do.

If you want something in life, you have to actually EARN it.

Now, yes, there are those few exceptions, and those few lucky people who actually get handed success on a silver platter.  Good for them.  Let’s not dwell on those lucky few.

I am not lucky by any means.  I do not have a high metabolism.  I do not naturally build muscle.  I was not born with any special gifts or “God-given” talents.  I don’t have a trust fund, and I definitely haven’t won the Lottery (yet…). 😉

That saying, “Hard works beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,” has always resonated with me.

I used to get really annoyed and upset when people told me “how lucky” I am.  I’m so lucky that I lost the baby weight.  I’m so lucky to have a gym.  I’m so lucky I get to just workout all day.  I’m so lucky I can do muscle ups.  I’m so lucky…

Now, I just take it as a compliment.  I must be doing something right if all of these people think I’m so lucky in life, right?!

Clearly, all of the hard work that I’m putting in is paying off.  😉

froningThat’s the thing about hard work and success ~ Those who make it look easy are usually the ones who work the hardest behind the scenes.

The easier it looks on the outside, the harder they’re working on the inside.

The CrossFit Games athletes this past weekend are a prime example of that.  Rich Froning has won his 4th consecutive Games, and makes it look easy.  It’s almost frustrating to believe how easy he makes it look.  But, the countless hours and torture he puts himself through is way beyond what most of us are willing to endure to get to where he is.  Same for all of those athletes who earned their spot at the Games.  Hours upon hours upon hours of grueling training.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet made the 21-15-9 Complex look so easy breezy.  She did every set of chin-camille-pull-up-2013over-bar pull ups, chest-to-bar pulls, and bar muscle ups unbroken!  And, she was the ONLY person, male and female, to accomplish that!  But, that girl works crazy hard, and there’s a damn good reason why she is a master of that pull up bar!

The harder you work, the more luck you will have, too! 

Roll up your sleeves, and let’s get those hands dirty! 😉

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