All You Need is Love


I just completed two competitions this month.  One was an individual competition at CrossFit Lalanne’s Summer Throwdown, and one was a team competition this past weekend at Moxie Madness Affliate Throwdown.

Both were amazing experiences, as are all competitions that I do.

Last week, I saw a new quote that one of my members wrote on in our bathroom on the whiteboard walls.  It says, “You always win – You either win, or you learn.”  

Lalanne’s competition taught me that I do not do enough lifting sets at 80% and above.  And, Moxie taught me that I need to improve my endurance.

It’s a constant learning process.

Training for CrossFit competition is a never-ending “job.”  It can be grueling and difficult, and rewarding and awesome at the same time.  Always humbling, though.

Through it all, I’ve realized the most important piece to competition…


When I first arrived at Lalanne’s “battlefield,” I was nervous and, quite honestly, a little doubtful and hesitant.  Part of me was actually giving myself permission to “just get through it and finish,” rather than fight to the death and reach for that podium.  The “old me” was creeping in slowly that morning.

And then, all of a sudden, my CF707 family started to arrive, and by the end of my first workout, I had almost 20 people out there cheering for me.  All for me.

Seeing all of those familiar faces, and hearing all of their cheers and words of encouragement made that entire day so much more worthwhile to fight for!

The power of love is immeasurable.  It honestly gave me more power and will for each workout.  Somehow, having them all there made the pain and sweat completely bearable.

The same is true for Moxie Madness.  We had over 20 people drive all the way out to San Jose to cheer us on this past weekend.

There was a moment right before one of our workouts that I looked out to the crowd and saw a sea of CF707 blue t-shirts, and it made my heart pound and my eyes water up.

A lot of us may act tough and put on a game face, but at the end of the day, we all need love.

I can never thank my family enough for always being out there.

Please know that you, as a spectator, actually play a HUGE role in the strength and success of the athletes.  More than you’ll ever know.

Thank you!

Behind Closed Doors

Everyone on social media has been sharing their sadness over Robin William’s recent passing.  I was, of course, surprised and saddened by the news, as well, but it didn’t really hit me until I saw this post on Facebook…


When I saw this picture, it actually made me cry.  Something about this quote really resonates with me.  And, it perfectly sums up the twisted trap that Robin Williams was struggling with.  RIP Mr. Williams.

All too often, so many of us work too hard to help and please others.  We put on a happy face and be who we think we have to be for others.

We live a life we think we HAVE to.

This go back to my previous post about our “highlights,” and to never assume anything about each other.  Until you’ve walked a day in their shoes, you have no idea.

We do so much for our family and friends, and yet, not nearly enough for ourselves.

And, sadly, many of us even do too much for people who don’t even matter and don’t love us.

Admittedly, I do this to myself at times, too.

There are days when I feel like this…


Would you believe me if I told you there are days when I want to quit CrossFit?!  Or, that I don’t want to compete anymore?!  There are days I doubt myself and think I can’t do it.

It is a difficult balance ~ Taking care of others, and taking care of yourself.

Putting the needs of others in front of your own, and yet, trying to not lose yourself in the process.

It would be a lie if I told you being a box owner, coach, and competitor is glamorous and easy.  It’s not all fun and games.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all dark and dirty, either.  It is nothing short of amazing and life-changing, and worth every single minute of it!  I love what I do, and I am thankful every day for the things we are able to do.

I guess what I’m trying to say, though, is that even I need help.

It’s taken me a long time to admit that and accept it.  Being a box owner and coach, I often felt like I had to be the “strong one” who showed no weakness whatsoever.  I had to be perfect.  Fearless.  Unrelenting.  The best.

I had to be this coach and competitor that I thought everyone wanted/expected me to be.

But, in all honesty, I need a crowd to cheer me on at my competitions.  I need a coach to yell at me when I’m slacking.  I need a coach to correct my form and critique my technique.  I need a coach to tell me what to do.  I need a friend to pick me up.  I need a training buddy to push me along.  I need comrades to hold me accountable, inspire and motivate me, and keep me going.

I need others, just as much as they need me.

Ironic…Often, the people who professionalize in their field are the ones who need the most help and support!  Even the funniest man on Earth needed help with depression.

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness.  It is a sign of trust.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to accept it, either.

We were meant to work together.

“It takes a village…” and it’s so true! 😉