Just Keep Smiling

It seems almost inevitable…

The moment you are finally happy and successful, someone, somewhere, has to try to rain on your parade.  And, the happier and more successful you are, the more people seem to try to pop your balloons and smash your cake.

Haters gonna hate.

I’ve watched a lot of CrossFitters deal with family and/or friends who try to knock them down.  The truth of the matter is that their family/friends are having a hard time watching him or her get in shape, get healthy and fit, and be happy.  They hate watching my members work so hard and do things they are not willing to do in order to get the results they dream about and wish for.

Misery loves company.








The deeper issue, though, is that anyone who tries to bring you down, they really don’t hate you; they hate themselves, and you are simply a reflection of what they want to be.  You are above them.

The battle they are fighting is within themselves…It’s not really with you.  So, don’t ever take it personally.  You are just their scapegoat.  Their distraction.  Their reason to not have to look in the mirror each day.

Negative people need drama like they need oxygen.  It becomes their livelihood.  And, if you get sucked in to it, you are only feeding their bad blood, and poisoning your own soul.  Don’t let them grab hold of you and take a bite…That venom can be deadly.

Kill them with kindness!  Take their breath away!

As much as difficult people are a pain to deal with, they are also a blessing in disguise.  They teach us what we DON’T want to be.  And, they remind us why we are changing and working so hard for our goals.  They remind us why we started on this journey – Because, we don’t want to sit stagnant and miserable like them.

I’ve reached a point in my life where I don’t even waste a single word with difficult people anymore.

Difficult and negative people are committed to misunderstanding you.  They want to paint an ugly picture of you.  They need you to be their reason for failure and unhappiness.

Give them roses and butterflies, and they will turn it into thorns and hornets.

Smile, and they will say you’re rubbing it in their face.

Show compassion, and they’ll twist it into a conspiracy theory.

Succeed, and they’ll claim it was all luck.

Whatever they can do, they will do it in order to make their delusions and misery justified and true.

I try to have empathy for difficult people, as nearly impossible as this is to do.  But, their life must really be hard for them to behave like that.  Or, something really horrible must have happened to them in the past.  Now, granted, some people are just bonafide a**holes, and that’s all there is to it.

But, many difficult people are just huge cries for help.  In fact, I don’t think they even want to be that person, and it must be pretty exhausting to for them to live that way.  I have to imagine that they really are trying to ask for help from us…As dysfunctional and unhealthy their approaches are!

I used to fight and confront difficult people.  It’s literally like fighting fire with gasoline hoses, hairspray bottles, dried twigs, and matches!!!

So, either walk away from the fire…Or, grab a bucket of water instead.

And, when all else fails, the best way to deal with difficult people is with a smile!  

Be happy, it really annoys them! 😉  It’s like their kryptonite!

Enjoy the success of all of your hard work, you’ve earned it, and don’t ever let anyone rain on your parade.

Hold up that big umbrella, and keep dancing in the rain, if you have to! 😉


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