Let Them Be

Let them say what they need to say…Their words have meaning to them and gives them purpose.

Let them believe what they need to believe…Their beliefs are what gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

Let them think what they need to think…Their thoughts are what create their own reality in which they can thrive in.

Let them love who they need to love…Those people are serving a specific need in their lives.

Let them follow the path they need to follow…Their journeys are not yours to direct.

Let them try what they need to try…Experience is the only true teacher in life.

Let them fall when they need to fall…It’s the only way to learn how to get back up.

Let them talk out loud when they need to talk out loud…Their volume fills a void inside of them, and tunes out the demons in their head.

Let them win when they need to win…It allows them to build up confidence where there is none.

Let them save face when face can be saved…For no man or woman, under the right circumstances, is incapable of any act of humankind.

Let them hate you when they need to hate you…For, it’s really not even about you.

Let them conclude what they need to conclude…It allows them to close this chapter with certainty and move on.

Let them move on when they need to move on…They no longer serve you, grow you, or inspire you.















We all play a part in each others’ lives, whether for a split second in traffic when a man cuts you off, just a couple hours at the restaurant with a friendly waitress, a few months with a new boyfriend, a few years with a company, or a lifetime with a father.

How you choose to allow those people in your life – How they serve you, grow you, and inspire you, is all up to you, and you alone.

People’s words and actions only have meaning when you give it permission to in your life.

Who you choose to allow in your life, and the words you give power to, will dictate your journey.

So, choose wisely and boldly.


Own It

thWA7RRJ35So, I am in my 4th week of Chiropractic school at Life Chiropractic College West, and next week is midterms already! Yikes!  It’s been about 12 years since I’ve been in school, so I’m a little rusty, to say the least.  However, I am loving every second of it, and soaking in all the knowledge bombs I can! 😉

As I quickly and forcibly figure out the most efficient and effective ways to cram in my health and fitness, my schooling, quality time with Spencer and Bailey, my CrossFit business, my family, my friends, domestic duties, and everything else under the sun, I can’t help but find the entire thing entertaining.

College at 18 was a lot like shooting darts while blindfolded, standing on one foot, during an earthquake, and trying to hit a target the size of a pinhead.

Just… aimless.

I went to college because I “had” to.  I majored in Occupational Therapy because I “had” to have something to do.  I went through the motions I was “supposed” to.  But, none of it had any meaning to me.  I eventually dropped O.T., and finished my B.A. in Psychology.  It was the safest option at the time, because I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.

I continued with my aimless journey as a retail manager for Fleet Feet Sports, then I leaped into elementary school teaching, which finally started to settle the earthquake, and I could stand sturdy on one foot at least then.

10270048_10203537615944017_1083241700_nThen, CrossFit came into my life, I found my footing on both feet, and suddenly I was an affiliate owner making a difference in people’s lives through movement and function.  Awesome!!!  🙂

However, I still had the blindfolds on.  As fulfilling and indescribable this period of my life has been as a CrossFit owner and coach, there was still a feeling inside of me that something was just… missing.  I just knew I wasn’t done yet.  There was still something more that needed to be done, and I didn’t know what.

And then, I found Chiropractic!

Blindfolds off.  The world wide open!

So, here’s the thing, though.  I chose to be in that earthquake, on one foot, with the blindfolds on.  I allowed people and events to keep me there.  And, for so long, I made excuses and took very little to no personal responsibility for it.  And, to be quite frank, I sat around waiting for someone else to fix my life for me.

How many people do you know who are like this now?!

You know what’s funny?  The less responsibility I took for things, the more unfair life seemed, and the more I felt entitled and self-righteous.  Imagine that! Ha!

On the flip side, the more responsibility I started to take, the easier and more fair things started to get, and I started to appreciate things more, want less, need less, and suddenly I could get those darts really close to that pinhead target!

I haven’t quite hit that target yet, but man, oh man, am I really close!  And, that’s exciting!

So, what’s the difference now from years passed?

I am OWNING everything!

My grades are not up to how well my professors teach it to me, nor how well my study groups work together.  My education, understanding, and application of the knowledge is not dependent on this school and everyone around me.  My grades are up to me and how well I proactively learn and understand the information, as well as what I decide to do with that knowledge.  I OWN my education.

11716096_10206977167330652_713893883_nMy health and fitness is not reliant on outside conditions, the equipment availability in the gym, my training buddies, or even my Nutritionist or Chiropractor.  I OWN my health and fitness by making my lunch break a priority to workout, and I make the workout count.  I choose to eat quality, real food, and drink more water throughout the day.  I get up an hour earlier on some days so I can run before school.  And, I continually educate myself and learn from other professionals and specialists to ensure my own safety, efficacy, efficiency, and quality of my movement patterns and training.

My business and coaching skills are not reliant on outside forces, seminars, other coaches, certifications, CrossFit Headquarters, athletes, or anything else.  I OWN my professional growth and education, and I OWN the management and success of our gym with Spencer.

Now, of course, it should go without saying that there are many important people in my life who help me with all of these things.  I am not trying to discount any of them!  My professors and classmates are definitely important.  My teammates and Chiropractor are imperative.  My husband and my staff are exceptional.  I cannot do all of this on my own, and they most certainly are an influential part of my life and success.

But, the important point I am trying to make is that I don’t sit back and rely on all of them to do it for me.  I am not sitting on my ass, waiting for the bottle to be fed to me.

I am finding the right people, making the right conditions, and owning everything I take in and allow in my life.

I proactively surround myself with people who are positive, successful, and are continual learners and doers.

And, all of the experiences I am given, the information I am provided, the people who participate in my life, and the knowledge I gain, it all comes down to ME and how I decide to OWN it all.

When an asshole is a part of my life and affecting me negatively, it’s not his fault that I am annoyed and pissed off.  It’s my responsibility to kick him to the curb and avoid his involvement in my life.  And, it’s up to me to ignore him and not allow him to affect me if he crosses my path again.

When I gain 5 pounds of fat, it’s not my stressful job and school’s fault.  It’s not due to lack of sleep and convenience.  It’s not my teammates’ fault for not holding me accountable.  It’s my responsibility to either prepare food ahead of time for the week, or buy quality food at the cafeteria.  It’s up to me to make time to workout daily.

And, when I get a C in class, it’s not my professor’s fault because he didn’t teach all of the information that was going to be on the test.  It’s not because class was boring and unengaging.  It’s not because my study group spent most of the time gossiping instead of working.  It’s my responsibility to ask for clarification, seek tutoring, find resources, and learn it the way that makes sense to me.

Bottom line…