Let Them Be

Let them say what they need to say…Their words have meaning to them and gives them purpose.

Let them believe what they need to believe…Their beliefs are what gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

Let them think what they need to think…Their thoughts are what create their own reality in which they can thrive in.

Let them love who they need to love…Those people are serving a specific need in their lives.

Let them follow the path they need to follow…Their journeys are not yours to direct.

Let them try what they need to try…Experience is the only true teacher in life.

Let them fall when they need to fall…It’s the only way to learn how to get back up.

Let them talk out loud when they need to talk out loud…Their volume fills a void inside of them, and tunes out the demons in their head.

Let them win when they need to win…It allows them to build up confidence where there is none.

Let them save face when face can be saved…For no man or woman, under the right circumstances, is incapable of any act of humankind.

Let them hate you when they need to hate you…For, it’s really not even about you.

Let them conclude what they need to conclude…It allows them to close this chapter with certainty and move on.

Let them move on when they need to move on…They no longer serve you, grow you, or inspire you.















We all play a part in each others’ lives, whether for a split second in traffic when a man cuts you off, just a couple hours at the restaurant with a friendly waitress, a few months with a new boyfriend, a few years with a company, or a lifetime with a father.

How you choose to allow those people in your life – How they serve you, grow you, and inspire you, is all up to you, and you alone.

People’s words and actions only have meaning when you give it permission to in your life.

Who you choose to allow in your life, and the words you give power to, will dictate your journey.

So, choose wisely and boldly.


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