I recently discovered Stoicism while watching a TED Talk with Tim Ferriss. What a huge shift in perspective for me. It was like finding the missing left sock way down in the bottom of the lint collector.

The more I learn and read, the more I realize how much my emotions have overshadowed my life. While feelings are important, and are what makes being a human so unique and even magically, the challenge is allowing those feelings to exist without drowning in them.

Having attachments that are meaningful, but don’t destroy you when it doesn’t work out.

Giving it your all, without giving up when it doesn’t go your way.

Sharing yourself with others, without relying or reacting on their responses.

Doing your best, without any expectations.

Living your life, without praise or criticism.

Appreciating others, without depending on them.

Taking chances, while accepting that life is all chance and circumstance, and allowing the storms and rainbows to pass.

Controlling the things you can control, while accepting everything else you can’t, which really means, control yourself, because that is the only thing you can control.

“Self-reliance. Always.” — Marcus Aurelius

Life is whatever reality you choose to create and believe in.

I majored in Psychology, and found disorders both intriguing and frightening. My worst fear was “losing my mind.”

However, I have been thinking more about this, and I’ve come to the conclusion that since we create our own realities anyway, aren’t we all a little crazy?! 🤪

My life is my choice. My thoughts and feelings are within my control.

I am everything I choose to be. It is that simple. And, that complicated.

My value system and opinions of myself are what matter most. In fact, they are the only things that matter.

My world.

Don’t ever let someone else’s flag stand on top of your mountain.

Own your world.