Talk is Cheap & Easy

What goes around, comes around. Just don’t take it personally. Ever.

I’ve heard it before, and maybe you have, too.

It goes something like, “Anyone who willingly talks about others with you, will also gladly talk about you with others.”

Take heed, my friends.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

And, if you enjoy talking about others with others, then please accept the consequences that follow.

All is fair in the name of gossip.

If you can’t eat what you dish out, then put down your fork and knife.

Gossip is like nicotine — That quick hit feels so good, and every inhale is a rush of sweet ecstasy. But, as we all know, that smoke is also poisonous to our bodies, just as gossip is to our souls.

And yet, we still do it.

After we finish that cigarette, we suddenly feel like shit, and need more to bring us back up. Gossip works the same way — The more you do it, the worse you feel about yourself, so you end up having to do more to get those quick, shallow hits of ecstasy.

We get addicted to talking about others. It feels good in the moment. It also allows us to hide.

When the topic is someone else, your problems get to snuggle up under a big, fuzzy blanket and nap on the couch.

We all gossip at some point. We are human.

Just be mindful of a few things:

A) WHO you gossip with (A good rule of gossip: Only say what you’d be willing to post on Facebook), because more times than not, whatever you say to someone else is being put into the game of “Telephone” elsewhere, whether you realize it or not.

B) WHY you are gossiping (Do you just need to vent about a bad boss, or are you just being a dick?)

C) WHAT you have to gain or lose from this gossip (If the person you are talking about heard what you said, would you be okay with the consequences? Is this gossip going to help you or hurt you in some way?)

D) HOW OFTEN are you gossiping? If it’s once in a blue moon, and it’s mostly to just vent to a trusted friend or family, then okay. But, if you’re doing it everyday, all day, any chance you can get, it may be time to do some serious soul-searching.

Always remember, just as you talk about others, others are talking about you.

It’s also none of your business what people say about you.

And, it doesn’t even matter.

“Talk is cheap. Words are plentiful. Deeds are precious.” ~ Ross Perot

Worrying about what others say about you is not a fuck worth giving. And, what you say about others is not worth an ounce of shit, either.

Go ahead and talk. Gossip as you will.

Just keep it in perspective.

Your words about others are just as meaningless and plentiful as anyone else’s.

A great rule of thumb I try to follow is this:

If it is true, kind, and helpful, then, and only then, is it worth saying. It has to be all three, though. The more you question yourself before speaking, the more you start to realize how much we gossip.

True. Kind. Helpful.

There’s a lot of good and love left in this world that needs to get done! 😉

2 thoughts on “Talk is Cheap & Easy

  1. thanks. Couldn’t have read this post at a better time! Found ur blog again. Can’t wait to binge read.

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