Keep Showing Up For Yourself

Well, my friends, we just don’t know how long this Coronavirus stuff is going to go on for, and we have no idea how long we will have to remain closed for. A lot of unknowns. Seems ironic being a CrossFit gym that preaches the “unknown and unknowable.” 😉

Schools will be closed the rest of this semester/school year. Restaurants and businesses are shutdown, and now even daycare centers, with the exceptions of ones that will be “pandemic centers,” like Sweet Kiddles, which is for anyone who is an “essential worker” like nurses and doctors and still require daycare.

This is an odd time in our lives right now. And, we just don’t know how long it will go on for. So, we need to keep perspective and focus on being more present each day in order to maintain our sanity.

How do we keep going?!

I know for many, there is a lot of fear and uncertainty. For others, there’s sadness and emptiness. Some are lonely. Some are angry. Some are indifferent. And still for others, there’s a heaviness and sense of doom.

Lack of motivation is going to be a big thing through all of this. That is totally normal. Just expect it, and when it comes, accept it and allow yourself to feel through it. What I mean is – You can feel sad, mad, and totally unmotivated, while still getting yourself out of bed and doing a few sets of back squats and push ups. The false belief is that you HAVE to be motivated in order to workout, but the truth is that motivation is a lie, and all of us who adult day in and day out know this all too well…

Guess what we do each day to make ends meet?

We go to work, even when we don’t want to because we have to, because we know it’s important in order to pay the bills, provide for our families, and live a quality life. Guess what college students do often – They show up to class and take the exams because they have to in order to get the grades and the degrees to be able to do what they want to do in society. Guess what parents do day in and day out? They feed and care for their kids, they tolerate the tantrums, they endure Baby Shark on repeat, and keep them safe because they love them, but also because they have to.

It’s the same thing with fitness, folks, you get up and do the workout even on the days you don’ t want to because you have to – For your sanity, for your health, for your fitness, for yourself.

Through this unknown time period, KEEP SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF.